Washington – Creating beauty from ashes

Update 1/30/24:

Update 12/29/23:

Update 12/4/23:

Update 11/10/23:

Update 9/29/23:

Update 9/15/23:

Update 9/5/23:

Update 8/8/23:

Update 7/5/23:

Update 6/5/23:

Update 5/1/23:

As of this update, we have passed rough inspection on six units and are insulating and then will be drywalling them. For the rest of the units, we’re addressing what the city inspector wants so that they’re ready when the drywallers are done with the first six units. We’re still shooting for a June/July completion!

Update 4/3/23:

Windows are going in today and tomorrow. Four units have been signed off by the inspector, so insulation and drywall will start this week. The courtyard deck work is starting. The line sets for air conditioning have all been installed.

Update 3/2/23:

Plumbing should be done in approximately two weeks. After the rough inspection, we will move on to drywalling.

Update 1/30/23:

Update 12/22/22:

We are really moving at Washington! Framing is scheduled to be completed by the first of the year. Plumbers have been activated and electrical will start to install the first of the year, as well. The city has been amicable thus far as to some modifications we have asked for, the biggest of which is to move the BBQ area closer to the building so that the flag piece of the flag-shaped lot can be left open as we may want to build some more units there at some point to make the property more valuable and increase cash flow. Our aggressive goal is to have units ready early Q2 2023 for move-in.

Update 12/5/22:

Interior demolition is complete; now we are moving on to framing, plumbing, and electrical installation.

Update 11/1/22:

We have permits and work is in full swing! Demo of all of the drywall in the units is scheduled to be completed by 11/07. We will then start on the plumbing/electrical and framing concurrently to move this project along as quickly as possible.

Update 9/7/22:

We have passed two of the four departments with the city and are currently awaiting responses from the last two; we should hear something within the next week or so. We are confident that we will be approved this go around, as all correction requests have been minor.

Update 8/4/22:

We are working with the architects regarding plumbing and mechanical plan corrections, so we can re-submit those to the city for approval. Once these are submitted and approved, we will be able to pull our permits.

Update 6/27/22:

The city building division has approved our plans. Now, are moving on to the next phase to receive approval from Planning, Public Works, and the Police Department. Once we have those approvals, we will be able to pull our permits.

Update 6/6/22:

Plans are in plan check, and they are stating a 6-8 week turnaround (hopefully we will be able to get them back faster). The property is now fully vacant and fenced. However, we are having our share of vagrant activity that we’re having to chase off via a patrol service; we will also have a remote video surveillance system deployed in a week or so for active monitoring of the property.


Pan American Properties acquired The Washington Property in the Fall of 2021, knowing that a complete overhaul was in store.

Centrally located, Santa Ana is the most populous (and largest) city in Orange County. The Washington Property is nestled within the French Court neighborhood with effortless access to I-5. Even better, this property’s walk score is a solid 83, meaning residents can explore their beautiful city with ease and excitement.

As the finish line comes nearer—the end of 2022 or sooner—Pan American is enthusiastic about this cozy space. Soon, this beauty will have a brand new roof, updated paint, fresh landscaping, and modern amenities in each unit.

Plans have been submitted to the city and permits pulled, just awaiting comments from the city. We are focused on moving the rest of the residents out, so we are ready to start construction upon plan approval.

Keep up with The Washington Property here. We look forward to “opening the doors” soon!

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