Property Management

Pan American serves a wide variety of property owners. We specialize in multi-family, commercial, light industrial, and mixed-use properties. Our portfolio also includes retail,  R&D, and office buildings.

Commercial to Residential

Real estate is an investment unlike any other. Owners need a team with thorough understanding of all of the mechanics of property management. That’s why our process begins with you, whether your property is a lease-up, renovation, or a mixed-use complex with hundreds of units and a dynamic tenant population. Our relationship with you is the foundation for everything we do.

We build on that foundation with a team of highly skilled professionals, leveraging today’s technologies to deliver a uniquely tailored service experience.

That is the #panamericanpromise. 


From our deeply experienced supervisors to highly conscientious on-site managers, our client services team is all about doing what it takes to deliver an outstanding service experience. Pan American strives to hire the best talent in the business.

From top to bottom we’re a hands-on operator. Supervisors partner with onsite managers and regularly conduct site visits to ensure assets are kept clean, beautiful, and safe. Back at the office we turn our focus to satisfying our fiduciary obligations. We diligently stick to budgets and work overtime to get the best price from vendors.

We closely monitor every property under our management to maintain optimal operations. Our clients receive regular reports detailing our overall performance. We also help our clients make better decisions by delivering fully customizable monthly financials, budgeting, forecasting, market surveys, and more.

Our size lets us nurture real partnerships with our clients while giving us the flexibility to scale solutions to fit each property. 

Our portfolio reflects the diverse investment interests of the people we serve. Over the decades we’ve managed a broad swath of property categories, including commercial, retail, industrial, R&D, offices, multi-family, and mixed-use.


We’re experts at marketing available spaces through online channels. We also monitor social media sites to ensure our client’s reputation is protected.

We take the safety of our team, residents, office tenants, and guests very seriously. Our service includes a 24-hour emergency response hotline.

Pan American holds CPM® (Certified Property Manager) and AMO® (Accredited Management Organization) certifications. We are also certified to manage tax credit housing. Our property inspections are conducted by a licensed staff member. We also ensure our team is well informed on the every-changing legal landscape, with attorney-led trainings on topics including fair housing requirements and rent control laws. Our lease and rental policy statement is reviewed annually by a specialized attorney.


Our Partners

We are proud members of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), the California Apartment Association (CAA), the National Apartment Association (NAA), and more. 

Commercial Properties

As part of Pan American’s customized, à la carte management approach, leasing can be handled either in-house or contracted out, depending on the client’s preference. As part of our mission to enhance client value we strive to rent to complementary-use companies. Our tenants enjoy the efficiencies they experience by sharing services, meaning higher satisfaction and less turnover.

We’re well versed in the CAM (common area maintenance) process. Our team of seasoned accountants ensures you’re capturing the full CAM reimbursements to which you’re entitled.
Pan American Properties

Residential Properties

Optimizing the value of a multi-family residential property is about much more than collecting rent. Pan American keeps a constant eye on the rental market to ensure our clients’ properties are positioned to be competitive and attractive. As part of our strategy to keep turnover low, our in-house maintenance team provides highly responsive service whenever tenants need a repair.

Residential property owners are often faced with important decisions regarding the performance and marketability of their aging assets. Utility costs can rise as mechanical and structural systems show their age. We periodically perform a thorough value analysis so our clients can make informed decisions about whether or not their properties require renovations.

We also advise on the proper staff required to operate a property. Our team doesn’t simply follow industry standards. Rather, we analyze the true needs of a property to determine the ideal, most cost-effective staff size that balances cost and quality.

Light Industrial Properties

Management of light industrial properties requires a sensitivity to the owner’s long-term goals and each tenant’s business needs. For owners, Pan American’s accounting team provides a steady stream of insight into the property’s financial performance. For tenants, our in-house maintenance team is standing by to keep common areas looking good and working well.

With light industrial spaces, turnover often means renovations. Pan American’s team of renovation experts will work with the incoming tenant to ensure projects are completed professionally and safely. We have general contractors and designers on staff and will handle renovation work ourselves if the client prefers.
Pan American Properties