Pro Formas & Due Diligence Reporting

Great investment decisions start with expert analysis.

If you’re looking to purchase an investment property or need to assess how an existing property is performing, Pan American’s due diligence process includes studies and reports designed to provide an accurate, comprehensive picture of the asset.

Our approach includes reviewing expenses, rent increase history, ancillary income opportunities, and the property’s place within the broader market. After analyzing the raw data, we compile a full report and make suggestions about next steps.

As your due diligence partner, we dig deep by closely inspecting the target property. Our unit-by-unit inspection examines all aspects of a building, from appliances, to vinyl and carpet, to doors and windows, to determine if anything requires replacement or repair. We also look for common issues like leaking roofs, mold, mildew and anything else that could affect value. Finally, we provide a market survey of comparable assets, which we use to develop pricing recommendations.
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