Duarte – Along the Way

Update 3/8/24:

Update 1/30/24:

Update 12/29/23:

Update 12/4/23:

Update 11/10/23:

Update 9/29/23:

Update 9/22/23:

Update 9/5/23:

Update 8/8/23:

Update 6/2/23:

Update 5/1/23:

Update 4/3/23:

HVAC installation is finishing up today. Cabinet installation is in progress. Painting continues on the interiors. All bathtubs have been installed. Stucco patching is next, and then the exterior painting will begin.

Update 3/2/23:

Rain has delayed us somewhat, but we are back on a full schedule. Taping and downstairs units in the front building are being drywalled; painting is to start on the interior next week.  Cabinets are being ordered for installation thereafter.

Update 1/30/23:

Update 12/22/22:

As you can see, a lot of progress is occurring now as we look to get our rough inspection completed so we can start drywalling the interiors and start installing the fit and finishes. The exterior painting, etc., will also be teed up here shortly. Our goal is to have the first building ready for move-ins by the end of the 1st quarter.

Update 12/5/22:

We were made aware of a 1″ sag at the rear of the front building that we are eliminating. All plumbing and rough electrical installation have been completed as of this writing. Air conditioning equipment pads have been installed. Next week we’ll be working on running the air conditioning lines from the roof into the units. Upon completion, we will call for a rough inspection, and once passed, drywalling inside the units will commence; we will start working on the exterior while that is occurring.

Update 11/1/22:

As you can see by the photos, construction is in full swing. We are in the process of completing the deck and will then move back into the units and get the electrical and plumbing going. The city is very pleased with our progress and attention to detail. We will be starting the replumbing and more involved electrical work in the coming weeks.

Update 8/26/22:

We’re off and running at Duarte! We are doing one unit as a model for the inspector to be sure we’re in alignment with their expectations before we start on other items that aren’t in alignment with the city requirements. On 08/25/22 we met with the inspector; he is very pleased and is good with how we’re planning on proceeding with the project. We will continue to complete the rough work in this unit and continue on to the rest of the units in the front building that are vacant.

Update 8/17/22:

Framing in the works!

Update 8/4/22:

We have our permits, and construction will begin next week!

Update 5/31/22:

We are nearing the finish line with the city and county with the pool area, etc. We just have a couple more items that the county needs to sign off on the pool/bathroom areas, and we will be back to the city for final approval. We are hopeful that we will have our team out there working by the end of June.

Update 5/3/22:

We received comments back from the city and are awaiting additional comments from various departments at the city and county. We are hopeful that we will have those back this week, so we can address them and get started on construction.

Update 4/4/22:

We received comments back from the city. The architect is working through them, and they should go back to the city for final review/approval this week.

Update 3/10/22:

The plans are currently under review with the city, and we are due to hear back from them in the middle of next week.

Update 1/28/22:

We have received the plan set from the architect. We are currently auditing and hope to submit it to the city planning department next week for review.

Update 12/17/21:

We received architectural review board approval this past Monday (12/13/21). We are now moving through planning on the approval of the plans, so we can start the reconstruction.

How It’s Going

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