Does Your Renovation Contractor Have an Owner’s Perspective?

It’s a question all property managers and owners should ask themselves when seeking out a renovation contractor: Does the contractor have an owner’s perspective? 

A contractor with a long-term value mindset can bring extraordinary value to their clients.

Not all Renovation Contractors Provide Prompt, Quality Work

For Pan American Properties, developing its own maintenance and renovation departments came out of necessity, as a means of maintaining control over the final product, says Rick Hoegler, CEO of the Irvine-based property management firm. 

“We weren’t looking to go in this direction, but it became difficult not to,” he says. “Maintaining vendor quality control was proving to be very difficult.” 

It was hard to find contractors who were prompt and produced quality work, he says. “Promptness and timeliness are very important, but we were finding that vendors more often than not weren’t showing up when they said they would. And we lose money when they don’t show up. Every day a unit remains empty is money lost.”

Quality work was also an issue, as was pricing control. “We would get bills but not be sure what we were paying for.” Finding contractors that were regulated, licensed and insured was difficult. And being properly licensed and insured is very important in case something goes awry. “If something happens, and your contractor doesn’t have proper licensing, the owner is held liable,” Rick says.

Ultimately, when clients are treated to prompt, quality work at fair prices by reputable contractors they are satisfied, and won’t go elsewhere, Rick says.

Looking at Projects from a Macro Level

Another key aspect to successful contracting work is the ability to stand back and look at projects from a macro level. “Being an owner of real estate ourselves, we look at things from a macro level to ensure that funds are being well spent and items that should be addressed aren’t overlooked,” Rick says. “We liked to look at a project from a 50,000 foot perspective and make sure all bases are covered, so that no one regrets that something wasn’t done.” And it was difficult to find contractors with this kind of mindset, he admits. 

Taking Care of Employees So They Produce Quality Work

When you take care of your employees, you ensure that their work reflects your culture, Rick continues.  This includes paying your employees well, and consistently—a rarity in the construction industry, he says, and an indication of why there are so many poor contractors. “We make sure our contractors are paid consistently, like clockwork,” he says. And all employees are offered benefits, health insurance and 401(K) plans. “When you pay your employees well, they are happy and produce better work.” Pan American also provides its contractors a Tool Purchase Program—if they want to invest in a high price equipment item, the company will help them to purchase it. “If our employees want to be better, we ensure the path for them to follow to succeed,” Rick says.

Use of Technology for Proper Job Monitoring

Contractors can benefit by utilizing the latest technology to help in monitoring jobs. Technology can help track how long things are taking and why, and if there isn’t a better way to do things, Rick says. And geo tracking can help when deciding who to dispatch for a job.

Why You Should Hire Pan American for Your Next Renovations Project

If you are in the market for a renovation contractor who has an owner’s perspective, then look no further Pan American. They’ve learned from experience how to produce the highest quality work at fair prices and with no delays and use the latest technology to ensure success. Call them today at (888) 754-9700 or email them at [email protected].

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