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Differentiate Your Property

With so many West Coast properties beginning to show their age, owners and property managers are faced with important decisions. When diminishing competitiveness and rising maintenance costs put a drag on an older building’s revenue, it might be time for a renovation.   

A well-planned renovation can transform a property’s prospects. Attracting new tenants will be easier, and existing tenants will be eager to stay. You’ll also enjoy improved energy efficiency and increased property value. 


Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s)

ADUs are a hot topic—and for a good reason. These dwelling units are a secondary addition to a single-family lot, created from otherwise unused spaces on a property. While ADUs are an incredible way to add an extra income stream, they also benefit individuals and cities.

Pan American Properties takes pride in evaluating your potential dwelling unit and providing advice on harnessing the space’s highest potential. Additionally, we’re a one-stop shop to help get any ADU up to code, renovated, and ready to increase your home’s value and cash flow.



Why renovate with Pan American?