Whether you require property management services, investing advice, or renovations, our in-house team of experts has more than a hundred years of combined experience to tackle any project, big or small.

Pan American Properties

Property Management

The goal of Pan American Properties is to provide comprehensive property management services tailored to our clients’ unique requirements. Our hands-on approach has earned us success across our entire management portfolio, which includes commercial, retail, industrial, R&D, offices, multi-family, and mixed-use properties.

We enjoy a collaborative relationship with on-site property staff, while our corporate office identifies and addresses challenges quickly. Monthly scheduled property walks between supervisors and on-site managers are standard, and supervisors conduct frequent scheduled and unscheduled visits to our properties.

First and foremost, we listen to our clients’ needs and expectations. We then offer calculated insights and customized solutions.

Pan American Properties features

• CPM® (Certified Property Manager) certification
• AMO® (Accredited Management Organization) certification
• Fair housing training for staff conducted annually by an attorney specialized in the field
• Online presence (social media sites monitored for online reputation management, online marketing of available units, etc.)
• In-house maintenance staff and trusted vendors who evaluate the scope of work to ensure the best cost and service for properties
• Weekly summary reports detailing property activity for the week
Pan American Properties


Our team of accountants shares the same zeal for personalized service that motivates our management professionals. We use the latest management accounting software to provide accurate, comprehensive, audit-ready financial reporting on all income and expense activity. Detailed statements are regularly updated and available anytime through our secure online portal.

Some clients enjoy the day-to-day management of their property but would prefer to avoid crunching numbers and handling financials. If bookkeeping is something you want taken off your plate, our accounting department is here to help. Accounting services from Pan American Properties save our clients time and money, while allowing them to focus their attention on other revenue-generating strategies.

Accounting services from Pan American Properties


Our clients and their tenants expect and deserve responsive, efficient maintenance services. Pan American is committed to preserving and enhancing the value of the properties we manage. All of our work is completed with financial performance in mind.

Benefits of Pan American Maintenance

Uncompromising responsiveness. We quickly address any service need. All maintenance is done in a timely, safe, cost-effective manner.
• Preventative maintenance. We prepare custom preventative maintenance plans tailored directly to each asset’s unique needs and the client’s requirements.
• Easy and transparent. Our maintenance system is integrated directly into our website. Tenants at our properties enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a transparent and responsive maintenance process. They can submit requests online and will receive alerts as soon as a technician has been assigned to address their request.
• Fully insured. Your property is covered by insurance carried by Pan American.
Pan American Properties

Pro Formas & Due Diligence Reporting

Great investment decisions start with expert analysis.

If you’re looking to purchase an investment property or need to assess how an existing property is performing, Pan American’s due diligence process includes studies and reports designed to provide an accurate, comprehensive picture of the asset.

Our approach includes reviewing expenses, rent increase history, ancillary income opportunities, and the property’s place within the broader market. After analyzing the raw data, we compile a full report and make suggestions about next steps.

As your due diligence partner, we dig deep by closely inspecting the target property. Our unit-by-unit inspection examines all aspects of a building, from appliances, to vinyl and carpet, to doors and windows, to determine if anything requires replacement or repair. We also look for common issues like leaking roofs, mold, mildew and anything else that could affect value. Finally, we provide a market survey of comparable assets, which we use to develop pricing recommendations.
Pan American Properties


At Pan American Properties, we specialize in increasing the value of our clients’ assets. Our staff have decades of combined experience in property investing, and offer unmatched industry knowledge and customer service. Our a la carte investing experience is tailored to meet our clients’ expectations.

We recognize that our clients’ investing goals are unique. Not every investment property will rise to class-A levels, and while high-end investments may include concierge-level touches, others will be minimal and scaled back. Pan American offers a full range of customized options depending on those investment factors, whether your property is a high-cash-flow asset meant for a family member, or you’re looking for value creation from a long-term investment that’s part of your larger financial picture.

When a client comes to us with a potential investment, we perform a comprehensive top-to-bottom, roof-to-sewer analysis of the asset. We then provide a thorough breakdown of costs and likely returns on investment. Our entirely in-house staff handles any necessary renovations, demolition, landscaping, cosmetic and structural changes, and ADA-compliance upgrades, among others. Our analysis allows us to determine the ideal number of personnel needed to staff an asset, and because all staff are Pan American employees, our clients experience considerable liability savings. We also realize that some units are more difficult to rent than others, so we offer visualizing guidance to make optimized, efficient use of spaces.

We’re all about relationships, meaning we maintain regular communications with our clients to continue maximizing investments with additional revenue sources. In other words, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to increase your net operating income, even in the face of rent controls and other uncontrollable obstacles.

New revenue sources Pan American has implemented

• Consulted with a team of engineers to ensure the sewer capacity could handle the addition of washer/dryer combos in all units of a building.
• Performed an audit to determine the number of paid parking spaces a unit could expect to fill.
• Installed a pet-washing station, allowing the owner to charge pet rent and collect an additional security deposit.
• Hired a valet waste collection service as an alternative to requiring tenants to dispose of their own trash.
Pan American Properties
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