Small Upgrades, Big Rewards

Mention the word renovation and most people assume major kitchen or bathroom remodel with long turnaround times and hefty price tags. But minor changes to your home, whether a one-bedroom rental in Venice Beach or a sprawling two-story Colonial in Tustin, will increase value without breaking the bank. In many instances, less is more.

Read on for tips on reaping BIG rewards with only a few minor upgrades.

Changing Up the Kitchen

Which room is the heart of your home?

Flip through any HGTV magazine and you’ll see a trend: the kitchen is the magnet that draws people in (or rushes them out). According to the Zonda 2021 Cost vs. Value Report, exterior improvements continued to provide the most significant returns on investments (ROI) for homeowners, with minor kitchen remodels in second place. The takeaway? A little facelift is a great idea. Here are a few simple options:

  • Replace the faucet

Take a good look at your kitchen sink faucet. Has it been there since you bought the house? You can easily swap it for a new and more modern one, and the result will make a big splash.

  • Update your cabinets

Nothing dates your kitchen more than worn, dark wood cabinets. Opt for a more contemporary look by updating, replacing, or painting them a lighter color.

  • Change your cabinet’s hardware

While you’re looking at your cabinets, check out the hardware. Are the knobs and cabinet pulls worn or dated? Replacing them with newer, more trendy ones will have an immediate impact on your kitchen. Changing door hardware in your bathroom and bedroom will also help update your home.

  • New Backsplash

Don’t forget about your backsplash. The entire vibe of your kitchen will shift with an update of this small detail. If possible, consider pairing this with a new countertop. Laminate is fresh, durable, and a fraction of the cost of quartz or granite.

Changing the Bathroom

Running a close second to a kitchen remodel is the bathroom makeover. As with kitchens, small changes will make significant impacts and promise good returns. Among the things you can do include the following:

  • Replace the hardware on your vanity; better yet, replace your vanity if it’s dated.
  • Look closely at your floor—old or peeling linoleum can be replaced with affordable and more modern-looking tile.
  • Update any existing old fixtures.
  • Does the wallpaper need a refresh? Today you can find faux or textured finishes that will modernize your space for a modest amount of effort.

Other Ways to Update Your Home

  • Crown molding

Adding this affordable detail to your rooms can change them dramatically. Crown molding separates the walls from the ceilings and draws eyes upwards so that your ceilings look higher.

  • Opening a wall

Create the illusion of space by opening a wall and turning two rooms into one. If you’re tired of living with individual rooms, like a separate kitchen and dining room, then an open space home could be the answer. Even better, an open floor plan adds flow and light to your home.

  • Paint

One of the least expensive but most dramatic ways to change your living space is by pulling out a paint brush. According to PPG, the Color of the Year for 2022 is Olive Sprig, a greyish-green. PPG describes Olive Sprig as a soothing representation of healing, regrowth and resiliency.

  • Overhaul Lighting

You can significantly impact the appeal and energy efficiency of your home with new lighting. Think about adding dimmers, upgrading to more energy-efficient fixtures, replacing light fittings, or even installing skylights—all jobs that require minimal time and money.

  • Window Replacement

There is no replacement for natural lighting. You can enhance your home’s light resources by upgrading to energy efficient windows. They will also improve your home’s appearance and provide a surprisingly high return.

  • Replace Worn Carpets

If your carpets are worn or stained, they are likely trapping allergens, and it’s time for a replacement. But before you do, check out the flooring beneath. If you discover hardwood, restoration will create beautiful flooring that people admire.

Small Changes Will Boost Your Home’s Value

Home updates are about much more than personal preference. An incredible result of these changes is that you inherently boost its market value. Appreciate these updates during your time within these freshly painted walls—and if you sell or lease in the future, somebody else will enjoy them just the same.

Hire a Property Management Team to Help Transform Your Home

Pan American Properties has a full-service in-house general contracting business with licensed plumbers, electricians, and HVAC professionals on staff. We can help you with all your renovation needs, from minor kitchen remodels to hardwood floor restoration. Call Pan American Properties today at (888) 754-9700 or email us at [email protected] to learn more.

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