Meet Mandy Clark: Pan American’s Organizational Development/Training Specialist

Mandy Clark is ready for Halloween. It is mid-October and she is interviewing on Zoom from her Orange County home, where black lace drapes hang from the ceiling, and skulls and other Halloween-themed ornaments sit atop a bar in the background. But it’s not just any bar. It is a bar from one of Michael Jackson’s estates.

“We received it from a friend,” she says. “It provides me with lots of inspiration, especially when I work from home.”

Creativity and Technological Ingenuity Are The Keys to Her Success

Creative inspiration, coupled with technological ingenuity, are just two of the traits that make her shine in her role as an Organizational Development/Training Specialist at Pan American, where she’s been working since April 2022. She was hired to train the company’s Resident Managers, helping them come up to speed on the use of training programs. “That’s the biggest part of my focus. Working with the software and seeing areas of enhancement for the system.”

She’s been able to draw on her experience at Pacific Life, where she worked in Operations as a Lead Trainer, designing training programs, for 13 years. “I was involved in many projects and did all the respective training.”

A Career Dedicated to Designing Training Programs

Having more than a decade’s experience designing training programs and being able to determine what training programs are needed has helped her succeed at Pan American. “Part of me always looks at my job from a processing perspective. The one I’m working on for all of the resident managers involves system processing. Helping the managers to look at how to use the software on a daily basis and be able to function competently.”

She admits to having no formal Information Technology (IT) background. “I’ve learned from experience. It’s about being on the right project with the right people. I’m also very observant and always looking at people and trying to learn new things and how I can best help others.”

She’s eager to continue to make strides in the training program and continue her work with the Resident Managers. “What I’m hoping to do is get this Resident Manager program dialed in – get training notes written, build a resource center for them, a full library of resources for them with training materials, including how-to videos, job aids, and step-by-step instructions for programs, all online.”

She also wants to work on other areas including diversity inclusion and leadership skills.

Rick Hoegler, CEO of Pan American says, “Mandy brings a wide range of experience to our team from a company with a national presence. We’re happy to have her and excited about the level of professionalism and attention she’ll bring to our training programs so that Pan American’s team stays on the cutting edge and helps our team be the best they can be.”

Different in a Good Way

All in all, it’s a perfect fit for her skills, Mandy admits, and an interesting one, going from the Life Insurance field to Property Management.

“It’s been a 180-degree shift. In a way both industries are similar: life insurance and property management are both highly regulated.” But they differ dramatically in terms of size. “I’ve gone from a large company (Pacific Life has over 4,000 employees) to a small company. “It’s different in a good way.”

And then there’s the shift from the relatively staid life insurance atmosphere to that of Property Management.

“It’s never a dull day,” she says with a laugh. “It’s crazy. There’s always something going on. It keeps me on my toes.

And when she does need a burst of inspiration, she always has a tribute to Michael Jackson in her home to provide some.

How You Can Benefit from Mandy’s Expertise

Mandy is bringing a wealth of expertise to Pan American with cutting-edge training programs that will propel its staff forward in the industry. By working with Pan American, you can benefit from these well-trained, highly proficient managers and get the professional, competent guidance you seek. Find out how they can help you achieve your goals. Call them today at (888) 754-9700 or email them at [email protected].

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