Introducing Debra Tani, Director of Property Management

Pan American Properties is excited to introduce Debra Tani as our new Director of Property Management. Debra brings a wealth of knowledge with over 16 years of property management experience from Equity Residential and the Irvine Company. We are confident Debra will be instrumental in delivering an even higher level of service to our clients.  

A career focused on a balance of EQ and IQ

Debra has a finance background, which enables her to quickly access financial positions and create strategies to improve performance. At the same time, she has a passion for people and strongly believes that all successful businesses put people first, especially in the realm of property management. Whether working with residents, office tenants, supervisors, or property owners, Debra says building strong relationships is critical.

“If you don’t have the right people in the right places, thriving, it doesn’t matter if you have the best business strategy,” she said. “Thriving teams will always achieve optimal results.” 

Though she’s only been with Pan American for six weeks, Debra has quickly established herself as a leader, thanks to her focus on people and collaboration. She oversees Pan American’s team of regional managers, regularly performing site visits, touching base with supervisors, and communicating with property owners. No matter what she’s doing on a given day, though, it’s a focus on working together that drives Debra. “When everyone speaks the same language and is rowing in the same direction, everything moves smoother and faster,” Debra said. “Collaboration breeds positivity, so there is no doubt that we will achieve and exceed our goals. More importantly, this creates a growth mindset, and our teams will continuously search for ways to achieve our next goal and the next and the next.”

A natural cultural fit

Debra joined Pan American because she wanted to be a part of the company’s culture of care and passion for growth. She immediately fell in love with our approach to property management. “Everyone is committed, focused, and driven to exceed expectations. It seems like there is an intrinsic sense of a deeper cause and mission,” she said. “You can’t buy that. That’s why I chose to make Pan American my home.”

Debra points to Pan American’s ambitious growth goals, and says that growth stems from a strong company culture. It’s a culture she sees represented in every one of Pan American’s 150 employees. “I’ve noticed that, consistently, everyone is super passionate about what we do here,” she said. “It’s that deeper cause and mission. When you witness this on a daily basis, it just makes you want to work that much harder.” 

Working toward an ambitious goal takes more than just teamwork, however. It takes focus, dedication, and a well-defined vision. “We don’t just put a goal out and think it’s going to happen,” Debra said. “We have to live it, breath it, act upon it, and stay consistent. Everything we do should stem from that mission.”

Once the mission is clear, success will follow. Debra is confident in Pan American’s ability to exceed those goals. “I’m excited to call Pan American my home and look forward to the future of our company with Rick Hoegler at the helm.”

Debra believes that property management is a unique industry, which affords professionals a unique opportunity to positively impact people’s lives on a daily basis. That’s even more pronounced at a company like Pan American, where caring is such an integral part of the company’s ethos. It’s reflected in the way Pan American treats not only its employees and clients, but its residents and office tenants. “We’re doing more than selling apartments and office space,” she said. “It’s not about just selling a commodity. We’re providing a sense of community.”

“When all of us are achieving, we all win,” she said. “And that goes for our associates, our property owners, our residents, our office tenants, and our communities.”

Pan American is striving to improve, every day

We are thrilled to have Debra’s talent and drive as part of Pan American’s team, and we are looking forward to introducing her to our clients. 

Interested in learning more about Debra or the Pan American way of doing business? Give us a call today at (888) 754-9700 or send us an email.

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