Amanda Hall Promoted to Director of Property Management

Amanda Hall is no stranger to property management. She first tested its waters as a college student and liked the perks, “I got a discount on my rent,” she laughs. But it wasn’t long before she realized she loved more than the discounted rent, she loved the industry as a whole and the ability to help people find a home.

And she never left. She worked in property management throughout college. Afterward, she landed at Pan American’s doorstep in 2014. Hired as a Resident Manager, Amanda never stopped climbing the ladder. In August of 2022, she was promoted to Director of Property Management, and she couldn’t be happier.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

In her new position, Amanda has a broader view of the company. Instead of being responsible only for her own portfolio, she now oversees all of Pan American’s properties and more of the department’s budget as a whole. She is also responsible for overseeing other regionals, and her direct team consists of four Regional Supervisors and three Jr. Supervisors.

Some of her immediate goals as Director of Property Management include bringing closure to the tenants who were unable to pay their rent during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“I want to get rid of non-payers, and bring in new paying residents,” she says, explaining that the company currently has more than 100 tenants in eviction proceedings. (See our latest blog post on Cristal Cordova for a related story.) She also wants to make Pan American as efficient with technology as possible and empower her supervisors to do what they can do while working remotely.

Plans to Promote from Within

Amanda also plans to promote from within when warranted. “I was promoted from within. And I made a promise to my staff to promote from within. We have found that growing supervisors from within has been the best course of action for Pan American.”

As to her long-range goals, she hopes to add to the company’s growing list of property owners and help Pan American CEO Rick Hoegler on the investment side, “helping him to purchase our own buildings and grow our own portfolio.”

If anyone can accomplish their goals it’s Amanda, who made a pact with herself when she first joined Pan American that she’d be a supervisor in five years. It only took her a year and a half.

Says Rick, “After years of searching for the right fit, all along it was right under our nose. Amanda has grown from a Resident Manager to an Assistant Supervisor, to a Regional and now to a Director. It gives me great joy to see team members like Amanda commit and make their goals a reality. I love seeing our staff promote through the ranks and achieve their goals!”

How You Can Benefit from Amanda’s New Leadership Role

Amanda brings a wealth of expertise, education, and a superior work ethic to her new role as Director of Property Management and has never failed to meet her goals. Find out how she can help you reach your goals by calling Pan American today at (888) 754-9700 or emailing [email protected].

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