Expert Witness

 Investments in multifamily properties are high stakes, risky transactions. When the occasional deal goes wrong, and litigation occurs, the legal community needs a trusted partner to ensure things go smoothly.

The Legal Community’s Strategic Consult

Pan American Properties is well-versed in providing the help attorneys need through professional, thorough expert witness services. We follow a documented process to assess the work of property managers, managing partners of real estate investment partnerships, and contractors with insights based on decades of experience.

With Pan American, the legal community can count on:
  • Expert testimony via written or oral description
  • Property inspections by licensed contractors, including structural, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing
  • Historical job cost analysis
  • Analysis of property management accounting practices
  • Written reports; and 
  • Informal consultations

With our team, complex issues can be put to bed efficiently—like you deserve.


Deep Experience

Pan American Properties has managed properties throughout Southern California for over 30 years. We have seen it all.

Financial Insight

Our economic and accounting sophistication sets us apart in the industry. We understand property management from the owner’s perspective.

Reliable Objectivity

Attorneys need confidence that their witnesses are clear-eyed about the issues of the case. We focus on the facts.

Thorough Process

We conduct case audits in close coordination with counsel to ensure our process.