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About Pan American Properties, Inc.

Pan American Properties is committed to delivering above expected results. We accomplish this through commitment, integrity, service, and diligence. Pan American is committed to long-term management of our high-quality portfolio. The breadth and quality of which are unmatched within the industry. 

Our goal is to develop and care for your real estate portfolio, just as carefully as you attend to your family and business enterprises. As the value of your property grows, it too will provide a safe and strong financial future for you and your family.

Our Mission

Guided by our ethos: Calculated, Disciplined, Professional, Pan American Properties, Inc. provides their clients with property management and investment services tailored to their individual needs, while maintaining a pleasant environment for tenants.

Pan American Properties is a second generation, full service real estate company specializing in the investment, management, maintenance and repositioning of apartments, industrial, office and retail commercial property.

We take pride in our open and timely communication with the people we serve and proactively provide innovative solutions to ensure that working with Pan American Properties is an enjoyable experience for our internal and external customers.


Proud Partners of Pan American Properties, Inc.

Professional Staff

Pan American Properties, Inc. began their story over 30 years ago with founder Richard Hoegler’s passion for owning, renovating and managing income producing real estate. At the age of 18, Rich purchased his first rental property; his enthusiasm continued to thrive while putting syndications (group investments) together and managing the assets with true pride of ownership. It was his attention to detail and his ability to assess and address problems correctly that led many investors to ask if he would be willing to manage their other real estate investments. Hard work and determination are what brought Pan American Properties, Inc. to where it is today.

Now under the leadership of Rich’s son, Rick, Pan American Properties, Inc. continues to grow, blending the same traditional values, with a fresh ethos. Rick’s philosophy is to never stop growing as a company. By implementing technological advancements and maintaining a personal touch, he brings a balance to property management that is seldom seen. Pan American Properties, Inc. is the single source for all of your professional property management needs.


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